Happy Sweden Day!

Glad nationaldag till alla er darhemma!

Firar detta pa bloggen med en rolig lista dar pinsamt manga av punkterna stammer pa mig...

1. You either take it for granted that cars will stop for pedestrians OR you have serious difficulties crossing the street when there is a red light. Even when there are no cars.

2. You love complaining about Sweden when you are there and state "it's much better in Sweden" when you are abroad.

3. You split the bill by the exact penny after eating at a restaurant.

4. You don't mind women using the men's bathroom in clubs if the queue to the "Ladies" is long.

5. You don't mind walking instead of taking the car.

6. You put toilet paper on the seat in a public toilet and double fold it neatly.

7. At cafés, you find it completely normal walking all the way to the counter to order and then carrying it yourself to the table rather than being waited on.

8. You count how many cigarettes you borrow or give away - just to be sure it's fair.

9. You don't mind sharing the toilet cubicle with all of your friends to save 5 SEK.

10. You would happily catch the tube to the suburbs at 3am or walk alone through a park at night, but you'd NEVER ride in a car without your seatbelt.

12. You secretly love the Eurovision Song Contest to pieces.

15. You are prone to stand in line without complaining.

16. You get extremely annoyed with inefficiency.

17. Whenever discussing international problems you always, without exception state that "why don't you do it like we do it in Sweden?"

19. You take your shoes off when entering a house, and don't get why non-Swedes find that funny.

20. Everybody applauds when your flight lands. What we would do if it crashed? Boo, perhaps?

21. You have a billion pictures of yourself, and 90% of those you took yourself.

22. Everytime you see a swedish Brand/actor/company/phone/car/furniture store you feel compelled to point that out to your Non-Swedish friends (with barely hidden pride in your voice).
23. You drive a cab in -20 degrees Celcius just to show you have one.

24. You start a subscription of a magazine just to get hold of the free gift. Then, you quit your subscription.

25. You think it's perfectly normal to go out and party every weekend from the age of 13.

26. You're painfully proud to inform a Non-Swede that there actually was an entire week with over 30 degrees Celsius this summer.

Postat av: Christina

Ha ha! Underbart!

2011-06-06 @ 19:55:24
URL: http://mylifeinsiliconvalley.wordpress.com
Postat av: Diana

2,4,9,10,16!!! och 22 haller jag med om

2011-06-07 @ 22:42:02

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