How to date a swedish girl

Fraga mig inte hur jag hittade den har sidan, aven om det kan verka sa sa letade jag inte for tips om hur man dejtar svenska tjejer!:) Men nar google slangde upp rubriken `how to date a swedish girl' sa var jag ju saklart tvungen att lasa av ren nyfikenhet.
Enligt forfattaren, Francis the dating expert, sa ar svenska tjejer traditionella och fragar aldrig ut killar pa dejt, och om allt gar bra pa dejten sa ar svenska tjejer oftast villiga att `take it to the next level'. Och, sjalvklart sa ar alla svenska tjejer langa, blonda och har blaa ogon! ;) (eller hur...)
Jag fick mig ett gott skratt iallafall... :)
Swedish girls are beautiful and they are known for many attributes among them being tall, blonde and with blue eyes. For this reason Swedish girls will attract any man and, if you are a man, it is vital to know exactly how you will find these girls. The Scandinavian women are known for their personality which is strong and sensual and, dating for them is not very different from any other kind of dating in the world. People identify the girl they want to date. Then, a guy will try his luck and if a Swedish girl is into him, they will go out, date and finally get married. This is for an ideal situation and, it is often hard to identify the right people to date. Dating problems are therefore not unique to the place where you come from; the world of dating will be a challenge to everyone. It is therefore vital as a guy to know how to go about getting a girl who is Swedish. First, you need to empower yourself with the right information. For example, you should know that Swedish girls are very traditional and they will not ask a man out. 

The man has to do the asking the old fashioned way. There is something very cute about this. The are all characters of men and, when out on a date with Swedish girls, some guys might be shaking like a leaf due to their nerves and, the girls will not judge you based on this alone. Although, if you do not want to scare her away, it is vital that you be yourself and cultivate a bit of confidence. This way, you will be in a position to make the conversation flow nicely as you make your connection. It is vital for every guy to maintain eye contact while out on a date with the girls. This is because they love that affirmation that can only be communicated through the eyes. If you are honest about yourself and your life, you stand a better chance of winning the heart of a Swedish girl. All girls everywhere love people who are honest and sincere. Maybe you should stop thinking too much about what is going to happen next and let the events flow. 

Soon you will forget that you are a nervous wreck and manage to pull of some stunts. When you make the right impression, you will realize that it is not hard to date these amazing girls. If all goes well the girls will be willing to take the relationship to the next level by getting to know you more. After you have known how to date them, it is vital to ask yourself where exactly you will find a Swedish girl. If you are living abroad, you can go online and, you will find very many Swedish personals. There is a world of possibilities when it comes to online dating. You can look for a perfect match and before long you will meet the girl of your dreams. When you put the above dating tips into action, you will find that your effort will be a success.

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Alltså, hur många gånger kan han använda ordet vitali en total korkad intetsägande text som denna, den bara rapar samma goja om igen. Är detta 2000-talet vi lever i eller vad, låter ju som en antik gammal skröna.

2011-03-05 @ 17:21:38

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