Restaurang Recension

Jag tog med min Sonny o Camilla for o gora en restaurang recension i onsdags kvall.

Vi gick till en ny restaurang i North Sydney dar jag jobbar som heter Tree House.

Coolt stalle, massa fina antika mobler, snygg bar, god mat.

Det marks att dem vill vara annorlunda och jag tyckte hustomten (gnome pa engelska) pa bordet med en papperslapp med Eriksson pa for min bokning var gullig, dock sa kandes det lite try-hard o severa drinkglasen i papperpasar... (?!)

Har ar nagra av bilderna som fotografen tog:

Min recension:

THERE'S a gnome waiting for us at the table when we arrive at The Treehouse, North Sydney. And he's got my surname written on a note dangling form his neck to reserve the table for my group.
It is one of many quirks we discover throughout the night that make this eatery, which opened in late December, stand out.
After settling in around our table in the lush garden courtyard, we each order a Grow Bag Zombie cocktail.
A mix of virgin island rums, apricot and orange liquors, a dash of lemon juice and tiki syrup topped with pineapple juice. It is one of their signature cocktails, and the tall glass is served in a paper bag.
The food menu is divided into three sections; something to share, something substantial, and something on the side.
We opt for Coca-Cola pork riblets with chimmichurri ($13) to start. We are worried it might taste too sweet but, while its finger-licking sticky and has a slight sweet taste, it's far from overpoweringntsD and goes well with the fresh parsley, garlic and coriander saucente.
The Jerk chicken sandwich  named after a Jamacian cooking style in which the meat is dry-rubbed or wet-marinated with a very hot spice  with crisp iceberg salad, mango salsa and house chips ($17) was beautiful.
We also shared a prosciutto, fig and buffalo mozzarella salad ($16.50) with rocket and, apart from wishing the prosciutto had been cut thinner, it was a good accompaniment for our other meals.
The special of the day, written on a paper bag hanging in the courtyard, was my brother's favourite. The handmade potato gnocchi tasted fresh and was served with grilled tiger prawns, peas and burnt sage butter ($27).
The decor is unconventional  umbrellas hanging upside down from the roof  but it also has gorgeous old furniture, including robust wooden tables and colourful, antic chairs and frames and quirky bric-a-brac adorning the walls.
It is in stark contrast to the slick bar and while it may not necessarily match, somehow it works beautifully.

Postat av: Flytterskan

Nu blev jag hungrig.. Ska lätt gå dit nu när vi bor i North Sydney!

2011-03-25 @ 13:05:00
Postat av: Annelie

Tror du inte drinkarna i påsarna kan vara för kondensen?! Jag hatar när det blir blött och immigt, tyckte det va en fiffig idé och annorlunda jämfört med alla fula coasters som finns överallt...

2011-04-01 @ 17:16:30

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