Things I'd like to do before I turn 40

Learn another foreign language. And not just the sweary parts

Climb a mountain

Buy an original work of art

Take more photos. And print them out and put them in an album. Uploading on Facebook or CDs don't count.

Learn to play a song on any instrument.

Always celebrate birthdays properly. No `quiet dinners'. Not even when I'm past 40.

Get a cat. Which means Get a backyard. Which means Get a house!

Give away all the stuff I don't need. Only keep things that makes me happy.

Write more letters. Emails don't count.

Say `I love you' every time it's appropriate. And sometimes when it's not.

Make new friends every year and tell the old ones how awesome they are.

Swear to never wear those grim undies from the bottom of the pile. Throw them out!

R-e-l-a-x. Even when things are crazy at work.

Learn to make sushi. With the rolling mat and everything.

Learn at least five constellations to point out in the night sky.

Develop my own `signature dish'.

Build up an awesome kitchen with matching pots and pans.

Volunteer time to help a charity

Get a new hairstyle every year.

Write a book.

Stop worrying about what other people think.

Smile often, laugh lots.

Postat av: Fridolin

Ett stort LIKE på den!

2011-03-14 @ 21:00:45
Postat av: Emmy

Låter som en bra plan du! =) Kram

2011-03-14 @ 23:07:27
Postat av: Di

Hej, har du skrivit detta själv? Varför vänta till 40?

2011-03-16 @ 14:23:33
Postat av: Boel

Di, skrivit nagra av dem sjalv, lanat nagra av Frankie, en australisk tidning!. ja varfor vanta till 40, jag tankte skriva 30 men tyckte inte jag gav mig sjalv nog med tid ;S tror itne jag kommer ha rad med ett original work of art eller ha klattrat ett berg innan 30. men jag kan ju forsoka!

2011-03-17 @ 00:02:23

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