Australian colloquialisms (=vardagliga uttryck)


Australien forkortar garna ord och lagger istallet till ett o eller ie pa slutet.

Nagra vanliga uttryck:

  • Bring a plate – when you are invited to a party and asked to 'bring a plate', this means to bring a dish of food to share with your host and other guests. Take the food to the party in any type of dish, not just a plate, and it is usually ready to serve. This is common for communal gatherings such as for school, work or a club. If you are unsure what to bring, you can ask the host;
  • BYO – when an invitation to a party says 'BYO', this means 'bring your own' drink. If you do not drink alcohol, it is acceptable to bring juice, soft drink or soda, or water. Some restaurants are BYO. You can bring your own wine to these, although there is usually a charge for providing and cleaning glasses called 'corkage';
  • Arvo – this is short for afternoon. 'Drop by this arvo,' means please come and visit this afternoon;
  • Fortnight – this term describes a period of two weeks;
  • Barbecue, BBQ or barbie – outdoor cooking, usually of meat or seafood over a grill or hotplate using gas or coals;
  • Snag – the raw type sausages usually cooked at a barbecue. They can be made of pork, beef or chicken;
  • Chook – means a chicken;
  • Cuppa – a cup of tea or coffee 'Drop by this arvo for a cuppa' means please come and visit this afternoon for a cup of tea or coffee;
  • Loo or dunny – these are slang terms for toilet. If you are a guest in someone's house for the first time, it is usually polite to ask permission to use his or her toilet;
  • Fair dinkum – honest, the truth;
  • To be crook – to be sick or ill;
  • Flat out – to be very busy;
  • Shout – to buy someone a drink. At a bar or a pub when a group of friends meet, it is usual for each person to 'shout a round', meaning buy everybody a drink;
  • Bloke – a man. Sometimes if you ask for help, you may get be told to 'see that bloke over there'; and
  • How ya goin? 'How are you going?' – means how are you, or how do you do?

Postat av: Amanda

åh ja, alla förkortelser och namn man har lärt sig under åren. och tack för svar, jag gick igenom blanketten (alla 30 sidor) så nu måste vi bara börja samla in all dokumentation de frågar om.
Mick vill gärna till Sydney (han är en Manly-kille) men jag tänkte det evt kunde vara bra att börja i Perth pga min karria¨r

2012-11-28 @ 14:15:05
Postat av: Di

f**kin oath I miss Oz!

2012-11-29 @ 00:14:47

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